DNA Results

Because of the number of participants now in our project and the number of markers being tested, the results tables are displayed in separate windows, accessible by clicking the following links. NOTE: The tables might take several seconds to build, so please be patient. If a new window does not appear, pop-ups may need to be enabled to access the results. 

Classic Y-DNA table from FTDNA

Y-DNA SNP table from FTDNA

MTDNA table from FTDNA

The customized Y-DNA table results are organized by haplogroup and sorted by the ratio of their genetic distance from the mode value for that group to the number of markers tested. The Group # column contains a link to pedigree information for a participant if documentation has been submitted. Clicking on a Kit number will search the database for possible connections to that participant and display results in a pop-up window. Only those participants whose genetic distance indicates possible relatedness are displayed.   

Selected contact information is provided for those participants who have submitted a signed release form.

Our Team

The Griffi(th)(n)(s)(ng) Surname DNA Project currently has 391 total members. While there are a few non-Griffi... individuals who have joined the project, most participants either share the Griffi... surname or have reason to believe they may descend from a Griffi... ancestor.

Our Partners

Most project participants have tested through FamilyTreeDNA, which currently has the largest Y-DNA records database. Individuals who have tested with other labs may be added manually to our project database. Contact the project administrator to learn the requirements for project admission.

Learn More

Additional guidance in interpreting results can be found at FamilyTreeDNA's Time to Most Recent Common Ancestor Calculator.